With a stunning ground with the backdrop of the Aravallis, our cricket facilities and academy match world standards. State-of-the-art bowling machines, nets with different ground conditions and many other features make the cricket playing experience absolutely gold. One of Delhi NCR’s most sought after playing locations.


A vast playing field for those golden 90 minutes of football, is a boon in the times of cramped roads and small lawns. A professional ground with excellently maintained facilities, our Football field is a glorious place to chase that ball.


Adjustable hoops, a marvelous playing court, and a view to take your breath away. Play basketball at Delhi NCR’s most coveted sports facility.


Practice Archery with the correct equipment that you need to propel yourself to the top of the game. An Archer’s paradise, get ample support and targets for practice for the big league.


Swing that club and practice your putting at the only Mini golf set up in Gurgaon.


Excellently maintained clay courts provide, literally, the level playing field, you need to be the best at Tennis. A professionally designed and managed facility, our tennis courts are really worth a visit.

Table Tennis

Our Table Tennis setup is professionally managed, with the supporting equipment and staff available on demand. Practice your TT game at our fantastic facilities.


One of India’s most prestigious sports, at Sports Maidan, Badminton gets the respect and space it deserves. Our courts and excellently maintained and provide players the perfect environment to hone their skills.


Gone are the days when we could just skate in the gully outside our home. Skate at this safe and secure track, with a smooth surface, matching international standards. Practice your skating skill at this spectacular facility.


Finding a place to practice fencing in Delhi NCR, following the correct guidelines and support is rare. Our excellently designed facility is perfect for fencing practice and the ample space give you room to just let it go.


Our very own home-grown Kabaddi is back in vogue, and we couldn’t be happier. We have a space dedicated specially for this fabulous game, and provide the professional setup required for the sport.

Combat Sports

It is imperative to practice combat sports like Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Wushu Jeet jwan do and others, in the correct environment, so as not to cause harm. Our combat sports facilities follow international guidelines and is the perfect setting to practice these sports.


A professional designed boxing ring, following the correct procedures and international standards of safety, our facility is the best place to throw that knockout punch.

Horse Riding

Finding a space for horse-riding in the city is rare, but at Sports Maidan, we have ample space, the correct arena to practice equestrian sports.


One of the only sports complexes in Delhi NCR to offer a world-standard baseball batting cages to introduce more Indians to the sport.


A safe and secure playing field for the tough game of rugby awaits you at Sports Maidan.


Sports Maidan brings this unusual and rare sport to India, with excellent, professional facilities for Speedball.


We offer Special Rates (inclusive of Breakfast/Lunch and Snack for School & Institutional Groups) for over 50 pax. All meals have been specially curated by our team of expert chefs.

Lawn Bowl

A new sport to India, Lawn Bowl is one of the latest additions to the bouquet of sports offered at Sports Maidan. Grab the great opportunity to use the fantastic facility and learn this fun sport.


Fight it out to the top at Sport Maidan’s state-of-the-art facility for Wrestling. Matching professional standards for the game, the environment is the perfect setting for a game of Wrestling.

Tyre Traverse

Cross over on tyres in this ultimate adventure challenge. An entertaining individual activity, great for team events or gatherings.

Target Jump

Bring out your inner Mowgli with this activity which tests your upper body and arm strength. Plus, it’s always fun to hang from ropes!

Zigzag Bridge

Test your balance, as you cross a fun zigzag bridge to get to the other side.

Cargo Net

Get a taste of commando training as you climb up the cargo net, fauji style!

Plank Bridge

Attempt this challenging plank bridge. Just don’t look down!

Burma Bridge

Be happy you don’t have to cross it over a raging river below! This highly adventurous bridge is a thrilling activity.

Deep Bucket

Criss Cross Legs

Climbing Wall

Practice climbing on this professionally designed climbing wall. Totally thrilling to be feel on top of the world!


Experience a thrilling zipline activity, in a professionally designed, safe and secure setup. Just sit back and zip away!

Birthday Parties

A idyllic setting for a fun birthday outdoors, Sports Maidan offers a number of exciting activities. Choose our adventure experiences or go for a game of cricket, throw a basketball party or treat your guests to a relaxed afternoon overlooking the beautiful Aravallis. We’ll customise your day, and plan it exactly how you want it!

School Excursions

A one-stop destination for that perfect school field trip, this venue is a favourite amongst school kids. Choose from a wide variety of activities and sports, organise team events, or request for a custom event, this is the only place you need to be.

Group Events

Tired of throwing parties and attending gatherings at restaurants? Organise your next get together at this gorgeous outdoor location. Include a bunch of fun activities, split into teams for sports, or simply enjoy the idyllic setting.

Team Building

Away from the humdrum corporate routine, take your teams for a motivating outing at this excellent venue. We can organise your corporate outing, with a number of thrilling activities, tournaments, and competitive indoor and outdoor sports.

Corporate Meetings

Deals are best negotiated over a game. Choose from a number of games, and make business fun at Sports Maidan.

Private Parties

Throw your next big bash at this unusual venue. Treat your guests to a number of adventure activities, some good old Vitamin D, and choose from a number of sports you can play together. It’s economical, healthy and so much fun!


We are are pre-booking events! Contact us to put your event on our calendar.



Check out our job opportunities to start or continue a career in sports and recreation. As we continue to build our incredible facility, we want to build a team that is just as great.